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Roof Repairs Inner West Sydney

  • Of all the 20 years I’ve been in the roofing industry in Sydney, I’m still amazed at how many builders and other types of trades people decide on taking on the roofing component of a building project, and messing it up. Most to all metal roofs in and around Sydneys Inner West need special attention when being installed, whether choosing the correct profile for the pitch or installing gutter flashings in box guttering, there a so many things to consider when repairing and replacing a metal roof. Installing or repairing metal roofing can be simple, yes. But it can also be extremely difficult and a huge head ache to fix when installed incorrectly. Roof leaks are something nobody wants to deal with. To have a leaky roof has to be one of worst problems you face when owning a home. Do your self a huge favour and get a professional to fix your leaking roof.